Courage to Resist Falters on Naser Abdo Story

***UPDATE*** As of 7:00 PM CST – Courage to Resist has re-posted the original Naser Abdo story with a statement about his arrest.

While the Naser Abdo story continues to develop the history of how he developed into a potential killer is being washed away. Abdo was arrested today for allegedly planning an attack on Fort Hood soldiers.

Abdo proclaimed (and was eventually granted) conscientious objector status by the U.S. Army based primarily on his religious beliefs. His pending discharge from the Army was put on hold last month when he was charged with possession of child pornography.

Back in November of 2010 Courage to Resist – an organization who assists service members who refuse to serve – ran a piece about Abdo and ‘Muslim peacemaking’ on the one year anniversary of the 2009 Fort Hood Shooting.

The article depicted firsthand accounts from Abdo’s of discrimination by his fellow service members based on his Muslim beliefs:

Pfc. Abdo experienced a great deal of harassment and discrimination from his fellow service members: “Early in basic training… one soldier repeatedly insulted me and Islam saying, ‘Go pray to your god that doesn’t exist or your pedophile prophet.’…During the training cycle I persistently reassured my comrades that my religion did not make me an enemy of theirs or an enemy of the state. The climax of this harassment occurred when my comrades all made a concerted effort to get me an unwanted discharge because I was not welcome in their ranks.”

The article titled “Naser Abdo: The missing story of Muslim peacemaking“ was originally published at:

The problem is Courage to Resist removed the article and any traces of Naser Abdo from their website, the article is only accessible now via a Google cache snapshot of the page.

The heightened state of Islamophobia is more evident than ever amidst the fallout surrounding the recent coverage of the recent Norway attack. The problem with removing the article is that they are removing a significant piece – with direct quotes from the accused that could be used to independently ascertain whether Abdo’s actions were centered on religious fundamental beliefs – or were the result of being harassed and bullied to the extent that he felt compelled to ‘get back’ at his fellow soldiers.

We can expect the standard Muslim extremist hyperbole to surround this story in mainstream media. Unfortunately we can expect similar dissuasion from organizations such as Courage to Resist – who ironically did not display much courage in removing this article.